About Meridian Associates

Meridian Associates provides land development, renewable energy, and sustainability assessment consulting services to corporate, commercial, industrial, institutional and public clients.These services encompass the complete development process from initial site acquisition studies to final compliance certification, analysis and implementation.

We are headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts with a second office in Westborough, Massachusetts. Meridian Associates has provided services to projects in 29 states and several foreign countries. Meridian seeks to provide clients with technical expertise and end-to-end management of complex development and energy projects.


Founded in 1990, Meridian Associates has practiced a three-tiered approach with its staff in hiring the finest talent, providing continuous training, professional development, and empowering employees to excel in their work environment. The current team has grown to approximately 40 members in two offices. Meridians' staff includes professional land surveyors, professional civil engineers, registered landscape architects, environmental planners, and LEED accredited professionals. We recognize that our staff represents our most valuable resource and we pride ourselves on the long-term commitment many have made to the firm.


Meridian Associates utilizes the latest technology as a key asset in its ongoing efforts in providing unparalleled accuracy and quality for its clients. Highlights of the tools employed include sophisticated measurement tools for renewable energy development, innovative GPS surveying equipment, and a multitude of design software platforms. This equipment allows us to meet the speed, versatility and precision demanded by today's fast-paced projects. In addition, there is a macroscopic effort underway at Meridian Associates to reduce its carbon footprint using technology to improve the sustainability of the firm. The firm utilizes 9 hybrid vehicles for its travel-intensive operation, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. One hybrid vehicle was recently converted to a plug-in model, enabling it to reach in excess of 100MPG. We are constantly exploring technological advances in an ongoing effort to serve our client's needs more effectively.

Agility and Responsiveness

Meridian Associates prides itself on its ability to move quickly in addressing its client's evolving needs. The staff is focused on providing a high degree of accuracy with a team structure in multiple locations offering maximum agility and responsiveness. Our ability to deploy staff and equipment rapidly through the contiguous United States has served the growing needs of our clients and supported unexpected circumstances.

Health and Safety

Meridian Associates is a professional design firm and is required by law to safeguard the life, health, property, and welfare of the public in the performance of their professional duties. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive workplace. We will safeguard the public and owner's property and equipment, avoid interruption of operations and strive to deliver the highest quality of professional services.

Environmental Stewardship

Meridian Associates has developed an internal green team, we have equipped some staff with the latest hybrid vehicles, and we have instituted energy efficiency and conservation policies to minimize our carbon footprint throughout our operations. In addition, Meridian Associates has implemented the use of several green programs and eco-friendly products to reduce our daily environmental impact. These efforts include biodegradable and compostable disposable dishware, PCW recycled paper, a recycling program for many items such as paper, batteries, and electronics to reduce its waste stream, a direct deposit program to minimize paper use, and we utilize best management practices (BMP) as standard design in projects for storm water quality, volume and thermal stabilization.


Our Mission

Each client we meet and project we undertake is unique. We strive to understand this uniqueness and develop solutions that exceed expectations and reach beyond the project limits. Project by project we seek to respect the natural systems, build trust in our clients, advance our profession and glean satisfaction in what we collectively accomplish.

Our Vision

We cannot exist without our clients, nor can we be successful without our committed staff. As the land development process becomes politically and technically more challenging, we must continue our commitment to equip, train and mentor our staff. Only in this way can we provide our clients with the added value we seek and they have come to expect.

We must embrace teamwork as the process that allows us to maximize our accomplishments. Whether teaming with clients, other consultants or as internal groups, we must always demonstrate integrity, reliability, respect and professionalism.

We must also not forget what drew us to our work and seek ways to advance our individual professions through projects, relationships and the sharing of our knowledge with the next generation. Each project shall respect the surrounding environment and add value to society.

Profitability is measured in more than financial terms. We must continue to diversify our services and expand beyond our regional area to enhance our position in the profession and allow us to remain profitable during challenging economic times.

Through it all, we must not compromise our personal or professional ethics.