Case Study

Bellingham Business Center
Bellingham, Massachusetts


Horizon Development


Bellingham Business Center is a 210,000 sq. ft. warehouse/distribution facility constructed on a 19 acre site along Route 140. The facility is supported by the approximately 240 parking spaces parking spaces as well as numerous loading berths positioned along a 450' fa├žade of the building. Building positioning and orientation serves to reduce its visual scale from the frontage street. Additionally, earthen berms and significant landscape planting are incorporated into the design to further enhance overall aesthetics.

The site is contained with the town's Watershed Protection District as well as a Zone II of the municipal water supply well. Specific challenges associated with the situation involved the stormwater management system design and on-site provisions for wastewater disposal. The drainage system allows infiltration of 100% of the stormwater collected on site. Additionally, it treats collected stormwater by various Best Management Practices and recharges the underlying aquifer as required by local performances standards. State DEP approval was received to utilize an alternative technology to treat domestic sewage generated by the project to provide additional protection to the underlying aquifer.