Case Study

Bennett's Pond Brook Drainage Improvements
Melrose, Massachusetts


City of Melrose - Department of Public Works


Prompted by the extensive flooding and associated damage to public and private properties experienced during the Mother's Day storms of May 2006, Meridian Associates helped the City to investigate, study, and improve the Bennett's Pond Brook drainage system. This drainage system serves part of a 600 +/- acre watershed situated in the northeast quadrant of the City and includes more the 5,000 feet of closed pipes and culverts, open channels and streams, wetlands, and ponds.

Meridian Associates inventoried and documented the components and condition of the system through review of record information, field observation and instrument survey, and closed circuit TV inspection. The location, sizes, materials, inverts of the various system components was collected. Meridian Associates delineated the portion of the watershed tributary to the Bennett's Pond Brook drainage system and performed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to determine the location of undersized pipes and culverts and performed calculation to determine needed improvements to increase the capacity of the system to accommodate additional stormwater flows. Budget cost estimates were prepared for the identified improvements.

The drainage study served as a tool to help the City to prioritize and implement certain improvements within the system aimed at increasing the system's capacity and alleviating future flooding.