Case Study

Nuclear Plant Modifications
3D Laser Scanning and Modeling
Load Path and Interference Planning


Exelon LaSalle
Nuclear Generating Station


It is a challenge, performing maintenance and modifications in existing plants because of the complex, and congested environments, tight schedules and safety concerns. The absence of accurate or even complete information further adds to the demands of an already difficult situation. In the nuclear work place, gathering accurate field data and information in a radiologically responsible and cost effective manner (ALARA) is increasing important. By replacing traditional field sketching and measuring with laser scanning, these project objectives can be successfully met. This project was on two levels in the Turbine Building where three heaters were scheduled to be replaced in a future outage. Approximately 15 scans were taken around each of the three heaters while the space was accessible in the current outage. The resulting scans were registered into a composite scan model; the equipment and piping connections were modeled in 3D, and the interferences identified.