Case Study

Ipswich Wind Turbine Project


Town of Ipswich Utilities Department


The Town of Ipswich has a history of electrical generation which dates back over 100 years. The Ipswich utilities Department is proposing to develop a small portion of municipally owned property to erect a wind turbine electric generator. Meridian Associates has been retained to examine a limited number of factors that relate to the economic feasibility of a single turbine project at the designated site.

Meridian appreciates the opportunity to submit an analysis and looks forward to working with the Town of Ipswich Utilities Department to promote sustainable power through public awareness, permitting, engineering, land surveying/mapping, to stabilize electric utility rates and increase the supply of electric utilizing the natural wind resource.

The report is intended to provide the Town of Ipswich Utilities Department an assessment of whether the proposed location at the end of Town Farm Road is viable for a wind turbine and to review three turbine alternatives and recommend the one with the most favorable projected return on investment.