Case Study

Waldo - Hancock Bridge
Prescott, Maine


Maine Department of Transportation


The Waldo-Hancock Bridge, Maine's longest-span suspension bridge (800 feet) opened on November 16, 1931 and was permanently closed to truck traffic on Friday, July 11, 2003 due to structural deterioration, necessitating the construction of a new bridge and approach ramp. The Waldo-Hancock Bridge is the main transportation route between Prospect and Verona for approximately 10,000 vehicles daily, of which approximately 800 or 8 % of the traffic is large trucks weighing 12 tons or greater. Large truck traffic has been diverted indefinitely due to structural deterioration and is now required to detour an added 40 miles through Bangor.

Meridian Associates, Inc. was retained by the Maine Department of Transportation to provide digital scanning services for the approach to the proposed bridge location. A digital scan of existing ledge surfaces was captured to develop volume estimates for excavation/ledge removal to assist the Maine DOT. High accuracy volume calculations of ledge quantities were needed to perform an economic analysis for the evaluation of optional design approaches.