Case Study

Whale Skeleton


University of Calgary


The University of Calgary retained Meridian's services in order to provide high accuracy measurements of the Right Whale Skeleton, currently the only intact whale skeleton in North America. Through the use of the Cyrax 2500, Meridian was able to provide a detailed digital model of the many oddly shaped features, which were nearly impossible to map previously. This information was essential to the project as it enabled a virtual model to be created which was then used to test the structural stability of the proposed model. The value of these models is in their use in a virtual laboratory, providing researchers with an interactive environment and opportunities to engage research alternatives. They can also serve to educate students and the public on how archeological data can serve as the basis for the re-creation of historic structures. A report was created by professors at the University to demonstrate the benefits of virtual reality (VR) technology through the use of this model.