s Institutional - Case Study 5

Case Study

Colonial Theatre


Steffian Bradley Architects


Boston's Colonial Theater, owned by Emerson College, was built inside a new office building on the site of the Old Boston Public Library and boasted a square cinema-style marquee. Emerson College renovated the top nine floors for use as a 400-bed dormitory and uses the second and third floors for additional library space. The Colonial Theater and some retail operations have remain on the first floor. Meridian Associates was retained to examine a limited majority of factors that relate to the feasibility of the project by conducting a comprehensive high detail scanning and survey of the visible exterior facades of the 10 story building and of the overall interior of the building (135,000 +/- sq ft). An assessment of site specific constraints were undertaken to evaluate the optimum drawing deliverables of Existing Floor Plans which include accurate sizes, locations and relationships of visible core building elements; interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, stairs, structural columns, ceiling elements and theater space characteristics. As well as to map Existing Conditions of the Basement and Sub-Basement Plans, Roof Plans, Exterior Elevations Plans and Stairwell Sections.