Case Study

Pope John XXIII High School
Everett, Massachusetts


Pope John XXIII High School Board of Trustees


Engaged in discussions with the Archdiocese of Boston regarding the possible purchase or continued lease of its buildings, Pope John XXIII High School's leadership engaged Meridian Associates, Inc. to equip them with information to help support these discussions and associated decisions.

MAI, assisted by a team of consultants assembled and managed by MAI, performed a preliminary inspection and assessment of the building to help school leaders better understand the building's various components and systems, their general condition, repairs or improvements that may be needed in the immediate or near future, and their estimated costs. Of primary interest was an understanding of the potential cost of near- and long-term O&M and capital needs so these could be considered in the negotiation of terms for purchase or continued lease.

MAI's assessment included a preliminary review of the building envelope (roof, exterior walls, doors, and windows), interior finishes (partition walls, doors, floors, and ceilings), and building systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire alarm and communications). This assessment, based on the MAI team's general observation of visible and readily accessible building components, provided the school leadership with sound decision support.