Case Study

PVS Chemical Plant Expansion
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The Washington Group International


The challenge of any major plant expansion is having an accurate picture of the existing plant configuration. On this project, existing production capacity was being increased. This meant new equipment and piping systems, all of which had to be tied into existing services. The full project scope included debottlenecking portions of the existing process. The obstacles were accurately identifying tie-in locations that occurred over a large area and finding clear lanes in existing pipe racks at elevated positions. With laser scan data, the project design team was able to accurately identify tie-in points to piping systems. These tie-ins occurred over a large area of the plant, from feedstock pumps in the tank farm, to storage silos in the product receiving area. The laser scan models provided a detailed map of the existing configuration allowing interferences to be identified upfront. This advantage has significantly reduced or eliminated field rework. The detail in the scan models and scan images provides a clear picture to the designer, reducing the need for additional field walk-downs.