How We Keep It Green

Environmental and Civil Engineering

  • Best Management Practices (BMP’s) were instituted as a design standard by Meridian Associates prior to established regulatory requirements which serve to treat and improve water quality, and manage surface water runoff from impervious conditions.
  • Sustainable Development practices and LEED based techniques to minimize the disturbance of the natural landscape and preserve open/undeveloped resources.
  • Low Impact Development and green building design techniques to promote site neutral mitigation.

Landscape Architecture

  • Strategic selection of indigenous species and drought tolerant plant materials to minimize or eliminate irrigation requirements.
  • Introduction and promotion of pedestrian access and bicycle paths with a heavy emphasis on landscape buffers and pervious surfaces.
  • Maximization of rainfall and stormwater infiltration, and water reuse design for irrigation conditions.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

  • Site development and acquisition of regulatory permits for the siting and construction of large scale wind turbines from a municipal scale to individual facilities.
  • Engineering and green building consulting services to evaluate, design, and implement more energy efficient systems, including cogeneration and combined heat and power.
  • Technical assistance to evaluate siting criteria and environmental permit requests for renewable energy facilities.

In-Office Practices

Distribution of CFL's (compact fluorescent lights) to new clients as an introduction to Meridian Associates and to encourage energy conservation. All Meridian Associates employees have been provided with CFL's for their homes and all office lighting has been upgraded to energy efficient fluorescent lighting.

Meridian Associates has provided all employees with reusable shopping bags for their grocery shopping & personal use, eliminating the waste of approximately 14,000 plastic bags per year.

Exclusive purchasing of recycled paper (which saves 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream!) as well as eco-friendly office products that are either biodegradable or recyclable.

Coordination of a building wide recycling program through Abitibi, an organization that works with schools and businesses to encourage paper recycling. All used office paper is recycled and put into the Abitibi dumpster which is picked up and brought to a processing center. An estimated 2.2 million cubic yards of landfill space is saved each year through the Abitibi Recycling Program.

Double sided photo copying and scrap paper are used for printing reports and applications to minimize paper consumption. In addition, Meridian also utilizes electronic mail, compact disks and incorporates web links to reduce paper consumption.

Meridian Associates recycles batteries, used computers, monitors & other electronics, ink cartridges, cardboard, plastic, aluminum & glass bottles and other beverage containers to reduce the waste stream that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Replacement of all office cutlery with "plastic" Corn Utensils that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. The utensils will completely decompose within 100 days in a commercial composting environment.

In order to conserve energy, all surge protectors have been replaced with Smart Strip Surge Protectors. A Smart Strip reduces energy consumption by turning off selected devices when not in use, saving as much as 73% of energy.

A Direct Deposit system for payroll has been implemented to reduce vehicle travel by employees.

With our 9 hybrids, Meridian reduces our yearly CO2 emissions by 101,450 lbs. and saves over $19,500 per year in gas! Meridian has also installed the Hymotion™ L-5 plug in conversion battery in one of the Toyota Prius', allowing the Prius to achieve an additional 40 mpg.

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