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Danvers, MA...
Meridian Associates, Inc., an Environmental/Civil Engineering firm has been awarded the Wind Turbine Study for the Town of Ipswich. The Ipswich Utilities Department is proposing to develop a small portion of the municipally owned property at the end of Town Farm Road for the purpose of erecting a wind turbine electric generator and associated improvements.

Meridian Associates, Inc is assisting the Municipal Utilities Department with technical support associated with the advocacy permit acquisition and design services.

The consulting team has demonstrable expertise and recent success in permitting complex projects in environmentally sensitive areas. Each member of the team brings specific relevant skills to leverage the realization of Ipswich's goal to site a wind turbine facility at the northerly end of Town Farm Road.

The staff at Meridian looks forward to working with the Town of Ipswich Municipal Light Department to promote sustainable renewable energy through public awareness, environmental/civil engineering, and acquisition of regulatory permits to increase the supply of wind power.

By focusing resources and adopting new technologies to leverage development of wind power, Ipswich is helping to create a momentum that will stimulate new opportunities for the development of a renewable energy generation.

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