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Meridian Associates, Inc.
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Danvers, MA...
Meridian Associates, Inc., a Land Surveying, Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture firm, has acquired an exciting new technology through the purchase of the Visi Image 3D guru.

The 3D Guru Laser Scanning System™ by Visi Image utilizes advanced laser technology combined with hemispherical operation and distinguishes itself from competitors through its unique design, which enables fast, accurate data collection and maximum portability.

Cost effective, accurate and timely capture of existing structures has been a constant concern for owners, operators, engineers and constructors, as well as surveyors, historians and others for some time. The 3Dguru™ Laser Scanning System addresses those concerns and provides a solution so clear and accurate that many believe a 3Dguru™ scan is as clear and detailed as a digital photograph.

The application of this technology extends beyond traditional technical design disciplines including archival documentation, animation/special effects, solid modeling, film props and movie production and advertising.

If you are interested in finding out more about Meridian Associates, Inc.'s services, visit their web site at or contact them at (800) 466-5505.

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