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Date: November 9, 2012

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Westborough's newest destination for vehicles needing power is a Milk Street office building parking lot. An electric vehicle charging station for public use was presented Thursday by Meridian Associates at the land development, renewable energy and sustainability assessment consulting firm's Westborough branch office, 69 Milk St. The nearest station is in Hopkinton and “doesn’t get a whole lot of use” because “a lot of people aren’t aware” of it, said Meridian Senior Associate Mark Beaudry, who oversees the firm's Westborough office. Meridian has electric vehicles at its Beverly headquarters, he noted. “We were realizing that there was no electric vehicle charging station in Westborough. So, what we wanted to do was to get one here," Beaudry said. “Now, we can charge it here. But anybody else, any tenants that have vehicles, anybody in town that wants to (can) use it.”

One resident who attended Thursday’s ribbon cutting “said, ‘This is great. Finally, there’s a station nearby that I can charge my car at,'" Beaudry said. The office building's owner is providing the electricity for the station, located near the loading dock, Beaudry said. “You can find the parking spaces, because they’re marked with the green electric vehicle logo,” he said. “We definitely see there’s more and more electric vehicles on the road right now. Definitely what we’re beginning to see is the price starting to come down on those units to make them more affordable for people to buy."

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