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Meridian Associates, Inc.
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For Immediate Release


IPSWICH, MA, JANUARY 17, 2008: Ipswich School Department was awarded $1.6 million in Clean Renewable Energy Bond subsidy for the construction of a 600 KW wind turbine project. Meridian Associates completed the feasibility study indicating that a turbine to generate energy for the schools would be economically feasible.

Superintendent Rick Korb is now working with the Town of Ipswich to combine this wind turbine project with a separate proposal by the Ipswich Electric Light Department for the construction of a 1.5 Megawatt wind turbine. Members of the School Committee, Utilities Department, Energy Commission and Meridian Associates continue to meet for planning and implementation of this project.

The turbine most likely will be located at the end of Town Farm Road in Ipswich.

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