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Meridian Associates, Inc.
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Danvers, MA...
Meridian Associates, Inc., a Land Surveying, Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture firm, has acquired an exciting new technology through the purchase of CYRAX 3D Laser Scanner.

The 3D Laser Scanner creates an accurate digital image of structures (i.e. buildings, bridges, power plants and site features) upon which architectural, mechanical, civil or structural design may be based. This 3D image may be exported to other software for 3D design, or to develop 2D sections or elevations. The labor cost savings associated with the transformation of physical objects to 3D images is substantial. The CYRAX 3D equipment represents the next generation of mapping technology and provides a quantum leap forward in efficiency.

The application of this technology extends beyond traditional technical design disciplines including archival documentation, animation/special effects, solid modeling, film props and movie production and advertising.

If you are interested in finding out more about Meridian Associates, Inc.'s services, visit their web site at or contact them at (800) 466-5505.

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