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Local Business contributes to New England Wind Fund

Meridian Associates Inc., a Beverly-based engineering firm, made a contribution to Mass Energy's New England Wind Fund to offset the energy used at this weekend's Eco Film Festival with clean, local wind power. The event, Eco Film Festival, will be held Saturday and Sunday April 5th and 6th in Beverly, MA. The event is being hosted by MANGO Networks at Endicott College Wylie Conference Center on Saturday and on Sunday various showings and activities will be held at the Montserrat College of Art and Beverly Public Library. Details about films and show times can be found on the event website:

The contribution by Meridian Associates Inc. to the New England Wind Fund will not only support local wind power generation, but is matched by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), a state agency in the form of a renewable energy grant to the City of Beverly. MTC's Clean Energy Choice program encourages voluntary contributions to green power programs by making matching grants to cities and towns, as well as to projects benefiting low-income people. Mass Energy is a nonprofit renewable energy supplier. For more information on how Beverly residents may participate, visit

Mayor William Scanlon will be stopping by the Film Festival on Saturday to show his support of the event and Meridian's contribution on Saturday. He said, "I'm very happy that Beverly is able to host the Festival, particularly given that it will be powered by wind courtesy of Meridian Associates. And my administration will certainly put the matching funds to good use as we look to expand the Green Energy Park next to the high school."

Don Bowen of Meridian Associates said, "Our Firm is focused on the renewable energy field and we find ourselves fortunate to be able to support both the festival and this city at the same time."

Larry Chretien, director of Mass Energy said that his organization recently signed a contract to purchase renewable energy certificates from a project in Princeton, a central Massachusetts town. The project should be up and running next spring. He added, "But we are looking to support more good projects."

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