Landscape Architecture

The landscape architecture practice of Meridian Associates is fully integrated into a multi-disciplinary project design team including land surveyors, civil engineers, and architects. We strive to consistently provide innovative and enduring environments through the careful consideration of the unique natural and cultural dynamics of every site. As stewards of the natural environment, landscape architects draw on an understanding of all elements of an eco-system to best execute our design decisions.

Our landscape architects utilize the latest technologies to offer comprehensive and cost-effective design solutions to serve the communities that surround us. By creating a harmony between the natural and cultural elements of every site through landscape architecture, we hope to improve the relationship between people and their environments with every project.

Landscape Architecture Services include:

  • Site selection and feasibility studies
  • Property master planning
  • Park, open space, and recreation facility design
  • Site planning, layout, and design
  • Plant material specification
  • Site lighting design
  • Wetland and natural resource replication
  • Landscape maintenance program development
  • Construction support services
  • Permitting support services
  • Digital graphic creation