Meridian is proud to service various aspects of our community. Each sector requires a different set of goals and understanding. Meridian has proven success serving clients from the following:

Private Enterprise

Economic development is the engine of a healthy and prosperous society. Meridian Associates helps private interests plan, permit, and construct responsible developments that integrate well into the community and balance economic considerations, environmental stewardship, and societal well-being.

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From fossil fuels to renewable energies, Meridian Associates has helped a wide spectrum of energy sector clients plan, develop, and maintain facilities that equip society with fuels and energy supplies. Whether its feasibility studies, permitting and site design for individual service stations or wind and solar projects; 3D scanning services documenting for major refinery and power plant improvements, Meridian’s core competencies have contributed widely to the success of our energy sector clients.

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Meridian Associates’ Institutional clients are identified with a social purpose and permanence, transcending individual lives and intentions. From land trusts and conservancies protecting the land for the enjoyment of future generations to health and human service providers assisting those in need, Meridian helps its institutional clients realize the necessary natural and built environments to enhance their purpose.

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Applying the full range of its cores services, Meridian Associates helps local, state, and federal agencies assess, maintain, and expand public infrastructure. From open space and land conversation to site work for public facilities, Meridian partners with government entities to provide a sound infrastructure that supports the needs of the community and the demands of future growth.

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Meridian Highlight

This 600KW 292' tall wind turbine was recently completed and comissioned.

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