Environmental Sustainability Services

  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Renewable energy
    • Feasibility studies
    • Grant proposals and financing
    • Permitting, planning, and design
    • Construction services
  • LEED assessment and coordination
  • Water efficiency and conservation
  • Zero waste services
  • Education and training
  • Sustainability policy development
  • Environmental sustainable development consulting

Sustainability is generally defined as meeting human needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. With increased public awareness of Global Warming, organizations and governments are focused on efforts to reverse the impact of human activity on the environment using various strategies to mitigate carbon emissions.

The advantage will be with those organizations and communities that develop and take proactive steps to counter both the inevitable rise in fossil fuels prices and the new regulatory framework that will place a price on carbon emissions.

As a multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm, Meridian Associates is proud to help its clients realize the economic, social, and environmental benefits of sustainable practices through environmental sustainability services.

Our team of environmental sustainability experts actively seek progressive opportunities to help clients explore the benefits of efficiency, conservation, technology and strategy to realize operational cost reduction, reduced environmental impact and improved brand value and social performance. We address the waste stream to identify cost savings, review ways in which energy is used, explore conservation and efficiency strategies in tandem with conducting feasibility research, design and end-to-end management of renewable energy solutions. In addition, we provide water usage assessments, make recommendations for efficiency and recycling strategies and provide a full suite of educational and training services for sustainability.

We are both a committed participant and an appreciative neighbor, invested in the successful outcome of projects that make any small effort toward a more sustainable world. Our firm will develop a strategy that seeks to fulfill and exceed expectations. Industry knowledge, preparatory work, solution based designs, shared passion and advocacy will yield successful achievement of our shared goals.

Our project teams are committed to providing quality analysis and site designs, while meeting tight deadlines and watching our client’s bottom line. The environmental sustainability services professionals at Meridian Associates bring together exhaustive training in holistic site design techniques and strategies with practical implementation practices. In conservation and “green project” efforts, we have demonstrated a proven history in the implementation of environmentally friendly materials coupled with practices and vendors who share our initiative in this realm. This is reflected in the training of our staff for environmental sustainable development.

We also introduce green design practices into standard site design objectives when cost savings or a regulatory requirements need to be satisfied. Our ability to resolve conflicting interests that can arise during the regulatory review process minimizes time delays and the potential by reviewing authorities or appeal by third parties. Nimble, intuitive design solutions combined with seasoned experience in the acquisition of regulatory permits contribute significantly toward the success of our firm and clients.