Danvers Indoor Sports Arena

The Danvers Indoor Sports Arena was built on a former brownfield site that had been damaged over many years due to on-site chemical manufacturing. The site was decontaminated and re-developed into an attractive, energy efficient, 150,000 square-foot indoor multi-sport complex. Meridian provided land use planning and design services, including utilities and stormwater management facilities.

The work presented several design challenges, including a high-pressure natural gas main that crossed the property, and Activity and Use Limitations (AULs). Site mitigation sought to avoid potential impact to stormwater resources, protecting wetland resources, and to provide groundwater infiltration. The facility includes six soccer fields, four basketball courts, a health club, a pro shop, and a snack bar. The project reclaimed a brownfield site, creating a valuable asset to Danvers and surrounding North Shore communities.

MRS Management contracted IRC Solar Roof Systems of Lewiston, Maine as their design/build contractors for the arena. The 1.4MW roof-mounted PV system they installed consists of nearly 5,200 photovoltaic panels; making this one of the largest solar arrays in New England. MRS negotiated a Power of Purchase Agreement with Danvers for 100 percent of the system output.