Mark Richey Woodworking

When Mark Richey Woodworking (MRW) moved its manufacturing facility to the Owens-Corning facility in Newburyport, Meridian provided civil design services to assist with the facility retro-fit. In an effort to mitigate high energy costs and to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing facility, MRW retained Meridian to assess the logistic and economic feasibility of installing a wind turbine. Our services supported project design and construction.

We conducted permitting research, secured the necessary permits, and assisted with renewable energy grants to provide funding for this large-scale wind turbine. We procured the necessary zoning approvals from the city of Newburyport, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, and the Newburyport Conservation Commission.

The completed turbine stands 292 feet from base-to-blade tip. The wind turbine generates up to 600 kilowatts of energy or 60% of the energy needed to power MRW’s facility. In its first sixty working days, the turbine produced enough wind energy to power 130 homes for a year. The turbine’s return on investment is estimated to be eight years.