Landscape Architecture

MERIDIAN ASSOCIATES offers Landscape Architecture services that are fully integrated into the project process, from initial concept design and visualization, through design development, permitting, and construction phase services. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts work together to increase your project’s resiliency, sustainability, and longevity through thoughtful design considerations.


Our landscape architecture services are considered an integral aspect of a project’s success. Our design process ensures that your project will exceed expectations, meeting all regulatory site requirements, while minimizing impacts to natural resources and native habitats, and improving the inherent qualities that make your project unique. We utilize the latest technologies to develop and present our designs to our clients, offering comprehensive and cost-effective design solutions to our clients and the communities around us. As stewards of the natural environment, our landscape architects draw on an understanding of all the elements of both natural processes and man-made systems to consistently provide our clients with innovative and enduring designs.


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