MBTA | Union Station

Worcester, Massachusetts

The Worcester Union Station, despite being an important transportation hub for the central Massachusetts region and an iconic feature of the Worcester skyline, needed serious repairs to meet the needs of present-day passengers and the City’s rapidly developing downtown. Unlike all other stations on the Framingham/Worcester line, it could only serve one passenger train at a time and was not fully accessible for passengers with disabilities. Years of water damage infiltrated the ground, walls and ceilings inside and outside of the historic station.

To address these mounting concerns, the MBTA is undertaking a $45 million renovation project to install a new, high-level center platform and make significant infrastructure and accessibility improvements. HDR, the primary traditional survey contractor, subcontracted Meridian to perform LiDAR services before and during construction. Meridian’s surveyors have developed an intricate point cloud dataset for the interior station building, and will continue to perform LiDAR scanning during phase two of construction. The point cloud database will then be used for tracking final as-built conditions.