Longwood Power Plant

Boston, Massachusetts

This  Medical  Area  Total  Energy  Plant  (MATEP)  is  located  in  the heart  of  Boston’s Longwood  Medical  and  Academic  (LMA) neighborhood,  home  to  six  world-class Harvard  Medical  School-affiliated  institutions.  For  three  decades,  the  plant  and micro-grid has provided electricity, steam heat, and chilled water to all Longwood area hospitals and research institutions.

MATEP presently has two natural gas turbines and six diesel engines within the facility, and is expanding by adding a third combustion turbine. The new turbine will run on natural gas, with ultra-low sulfur diesel as the backup fuel.

Vanderweil Engineering engaged Meridian to provide an accurate 3D Revit model of the as-built conditions within specific areas of the plant in support of the expansion project. We worked closely with the Vanderweil engineering team to identify areas that required a high level of detail, specifically the relocation of existing components and the investigation  of  clash  detection  for  piping,  ductwork,  and  equipment  related  to  the installation of the third turbine.