Taunton River Desalination Plant

Dighton, Massachusetts

The Taunton River Desalination Plant is operated by Aquaria and underwent significant upgrades in 2005. The upgrades included tertiary treatment of wastewater, installation of a reverse osmosis water treatment technology, and a transmission pipeline to source a brackish water supply. Water is sourced from the tidal region of the Taunton River near Mount Hope Bay.

Meridian performed planimetric and topographic mapping to accommodate the 11-mile route between the desalination plant at the Taunton River and Brockton where the water serves as the domestic water supply for residents. The plant capacity is 3.5 million gallons per day (MGD) and can be increased as needed given the pipeline capacity of 10 MGD. The upgrades at the plant allowed the City of Brockton to address the challenge of ever-increasing domestic water demands.